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Date : March 24, 2021
Posted by : sunnyroofing
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Icy winter landscapes are beautiful, but they can prove burdensome to homeowners. As snow piles up, all that weight equates to structural stress, especially for buildings with flat roofs.

If your home has a roof with a substantial pitch, ice dams and clogged gutters can still prevent snow from sliding off. Heavy loads of wet snow can eventually lead to shingle damage, stress on load-bearing walls, and even roof collapse.

Removing snow from your roof is a slippery undertaking. Rather than climbing a ladder in the cold or risking a dangerous fall from icy overhangs, we’ll teach you how to keep snow off your roof in the first place.

1. Prevent ice dams with heat cables
2. Calculate snow load on your roof
3. Remove snow from your roof with a roof rake
4. Call in the Professionals to remove snow from your roof

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