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Tile roofing is composed of either clay, concrete, or synthetic roofing materials. Sunny Roofing has completed numerous tile roofing project throughout Colorado for more than 25 years.

A tile roof is a beautiful eye catching addition to any home, office, restaurant, or business. It is often used to compliment various building designs such Italian, southwestern, Spanish mission, oriental, various residential or ultra-modern style homes.

The clay tile is a basic and dependable construction material. It has been used for centuries because of its simplicity and resilience. Clay tile remains popular today because the materials to make it are readily available and relatively inexpensive.

Synthetic tile has become a popular product in the tile roofing industry. It has the same visual appearance as a clay or concrete roofing tile but is made of a recycled rubberized material that is hail resistance.

Sunny Roofing Uses Tile Manufacturers’ Including:

Tile Roofing Styles by Manufacturer Include:

  • Bartile
    • Renaissance Series
    • Manchester
    • Cottage
    • New Castle
    • Old Mission
    • Western Shake
    • New England Slate
  • European
  • Sierra Mission
  • DaVinci
    • Single-Width Valore
    • Multi-Width DaVinci
    • Bellaforte
  • EcoStar
    • Seneca Cedar Shake
    • Majestic Slate
  • Monier
    • Saxony Slate
    • Saxony Shake
    • Villa 900
    • Barcelona
    • MonierLifetile Madera
    • Saxony Split Old English Hatch
  • US Tile
    • Pro Shake Plus

Natural Clay Tiles

The most common clay tile composition is of natural clay and water. This is the long-standing formula for making tile. Excavated clay is mixed with water to create a feasible consistency and then molded into various tile shapes and fired. Although tiles made from natural clay are easy to mix and mold, they are very heavy and somewhat brittle and must usually be made and fired on the excavation site.

Cement Clay Tiles

With the invention of cement and its application to clay products, clay tiles have become a more desirable building material. The cement tiles are lighter in weight and more durable than traditional clay tiles, making them easier to ship, store and install. Modern clay tiles are often composed of cement, silica sand, optional iron oxide to create a red color, acrylic polymer resin for durability and plasticity, anti-foaming agent to aid in mixing, and water.

Synthetic Tiles

Synthetic tile products are manufactured with recycled rubber and plastics and are highly flexible, sustainable and environmentally friendly. They provide superior protection against impacts and harsh weather conditions. Additionally synthetic tile products offer Class 4 impact resistance and are available with a 50-year/Lifetime warranty and a 110 mph wind warranty.

Pros and Cons of Clay Roofing Tiles

The most appreciated characteristic of clay tiles is their longevity, usually outlasting the roof supports upon which they rest. They are water-proof, rot- and insect-resistant, won’t burn and retain their original color for centuries. They can be molded into many shapes and sizes and they have a classic and much-loved look that bespeaks quality and beauty. The downside of clay tiles is that they are heavy and brittle, making them harder to ship, store and install. They also require very substantial roof trussing to support them and because of increased production, installation and maintenance cost they are more expensive than many other roofing materials.

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