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Sunny Roofing has been installing and repair wood shake roofing systems for several years. Wood shakes have been a widely used roofing system throughout the United States for generations do to their aesthetic value and durability.


Shakes are thicker than standard asphalt shingles and are either hand or machine split. The longevity of wood shake roof depends on several factors but generally this type of system will last 30 years or longer. Factors that affect the lifespan of the roof include environmental factors, such as sun and shade exposure and rain, snow, and moisture. The life of the roof may also depend on the roof pitch.


Shakes are typically made by bucking a log into segments, splitting these segments into flat pieces of wood, and then splitting these flat pieces into evenly sized shingles. It is a quite challenging operation to construct shakes which are even. The worker has to pay attention to the grain of the wood, and the flats and shakes must be carefully split to ensure that the resulting shingles are of uniform size.

A wide range of woods can be used to make wood shakes, depending on the region in which they are made. As a general rule, they are made from woods which are naturally resistant to infestation with insects, such as redwood and cedar, and they are also made from reasonably hard woods which will withstand years of use. Depending on the type of wood, shakes range in color when freshly made from a tawny gold to a rich, dark red.


Shakes are generally attached from the bottom of a roof or wall up, with each succeeding layer being overlaid on the lower layer. In addition to making the finished product more watertight, this technique also conceals the nails or staples used to attach the shakes. As the fresh wooden shakes age, they will weather into a grayish color, and many darken, as well. It is also not uncommon to lose wooden shakes as a structure ages, because the nail hole typically creates a small split which may become deeper, allowing the shake to slip off the house.


One great benefit to installing a new wood shake roof is that it is environmentally pure, typically cut from salvage logs and dead trees left behind from previous logging operations. In addition to the benefit of a natural “recycled” product, this system will allow your home to blend more naturally with the environment.

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We have used Sunny Roofing for several repairs and replacements. They always do an outstanding job with fantastic customer service and follow through. Sunny Roofing is highly recomended!

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